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Trial Analysis
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Targeted Observation
Closing Arguments



Stephen J. Padwe
Along with being one of Denver’s premier trial technicians, Stephen has a unique ability to distill a case down to its most important components and eloquently articulate them. He leverages his background in finance and marketing to help you tell your story in a concise, visually appealing manner, with maximum persuasive value. He’s a talented designer and perpetual learner himself which allows him to step into a juror’s shoes and identify the best tools and methods to reach them.

Stephen has helped formulate visual strategy on over 200 cases. He’s collaborated with top legal teams in the areas of construction, contractual disputes, energy, personal injury, intellectual property and more.

In the courtroom, Stephen is sought after for his targeted insights related to jurors, witness performance, and the presentation of evidence. He is highly perceptive and communicates these observations in a clear, actionable manner. Stephen is an invaluable member of every team he’s a part of.


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Daniel A. Brewer
Dan is one of the most sought after trial consultants in the industry. With more than a decade of experience and hundreds of trials under his belt, he has built a loyal following of top trial lawyers all over the country.

Dan has learned to anticipate next moves in a way that leaves attorneys feeling connected and confident during every examination. He excels at building chemistry in the courtroom and facilitating the best presentation of evidence possible.

Over the years Dan has seen every possible scenario in trial, and consistently handles them seamlessly with poise and professionalism. He has built a reputation for being cool, calm, and collected and executes flawlessly no matter the circumstances.


Cole R. Bartelt

Growing up in the legal industry, Cole has seen litigation from every possible angle. Having witnessed thousands of depositions and hundreds of witnesses testify in trial, he has a depth of experience and perspective that even seasoned attorneys envy. While every examination is unique, that background enables him to both follow along and anticipate moves in a way that makes the evidence come to life.

Cole has repeatedly proven his dedication to the case at hand, and is willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that teams have everything they need to succeed in the courtroom. His attention to detail and pursuit of perfection are a natural compliment to the demands of trial. Having dealt with almost every aspect of litigation audio and visual technology, he is able to calmly deliver a superior courtroom experience and quickly adapt to any possible scenario.
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Ryan C. Padwe
Ryan’s passion for precision, observation and service delivery form the backbone of a strong skillset as a trial presenter. Coupled with years of experience as a technical consultant, he provides unique, hands-on insights throughout trial.

Additionally, he leverages his strengths in the Information Technology industry to ensure the best technology available is utilized in the preparation and presentation of our cases.

From methodologies which expedite the preparation of case materials, to the type of equipment that will best meet the needs of a specific case; Ryan’s knowledge base makes him an especially adept technical asset to any trial team.








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